Lasting Memories

with MasterCrafter Crystal Bardowell

Carrying on the Memories!

It's never easy moving from one stage of life to the next or even more when you loose someone close to your heart. I have been privileged enough to be of assistance in those moments of life for some to help create memory items to make the transition easier. Weather it be a child going from baby to toddler, the passing of a grandparent, or wanting to preserve the memories of collage life... A special item can be crafted especially for you to cherish and more importantly remember those sweet memories. Here are a few examples of items I have had the great honor of creating. A quilt made of the first year of favorite outfits. A T-shirt quilt of the collage days. A few pillows and a baby blanket made form Grandpa's old cloths. A special baby blanket made from a Hawaiian shirt to represent a father that will never meet his new baby. Always happy to help you make MEMORIES that LAST! Copy and paste the link below to view the finished projects...

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